Sunday, August 3, 2008

Red Currants

I've tried-I really have. I just can't do it. I can't seem to love red currants. Even when they are cooked, the flavor just doesn't do anything for me, which is sad because they are just so darn pretty.

This weekend I tried a new recipe for Red Currant Muffins and I thought for just a few minutes that maybe just maybe this would be the recipe that made me fall in love.

It wasn't. Which is why I'm not going to share it here. What I want to know is, do YOU like red currants? Have you baked with them before? If so, what do you like about them? What's the best way to use them in your opinion? I'm beginning to think that indeed, red currants are best used for jam, and decoration. But when a fruit is so pretty, I want to try as many ways as I can to use them before I give your thoughts.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Me, I'm a blueberry gal myself.

Mo said...

I think I've only had currant jelly before, and didn't think it was "all that"... I'm with Tisha - gimme some blueberries! (They're in season now in Michigan!!!)

Leslie said...

Your blog is great! Lovin all the yummy looking foods.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I don't like them either. Maybe it's an acquired taste that I never acquired. :)

Cherie said...

I like currants but was at a loss about what to do with all the currants I picked at my cousin's house. I sprinkle them in my morning yogurt. But this pie (can't find the recipe I used but this is close) is more like a cake with currant topping.
It's photo-worthy, if nothing else!

Julie said...

Hi Lisa --

It was great to see you on Thursday. Your blog is great! I already have the lime and coconut cupcakes lined up for a friend's visit. :)

I love currants... as they are. I think some things just work better alone. I feel the same way about kiwis, though many places put them on top of those fruit-topped custard tarts. (Hey, maybe the currants would work in one of those?) I just like the tartness as is. I've never had then in or with anything that improved on the eat-em-as-they-come solution.

Anyway, thanks or all the great recipes.

Linda said...

Not exactly my cup of tea either but that's because I have really plain and blah taste buds! Then again, you probably have great taste buds and you don't like 'em either so perhaps mine aren't so bad after all!

Lisa said...

Tisha & Mo-I LOVE blueberries too...they're not as pretty as red currants though-at least not to decorate with.

Leslie: Thank you!

Sandee: That's what I think too, an acquired taste. They weren't so bad this morning though in the muffins, so maybe I'm acquiring it?

Cherie: That is the recipe I was going to try-but I read a few reviews of it and decided against it. Have you actually made that recipe before? It sounds good, but people who've made it said it's not...I'm curious.

Julie: Thanks! It was good to see you too. I hope that your friends like the lime/coconut cupcakes as much as mine did.

Linda: You always say that about your taste buds...but when I make you things that aren't plain, you like them! (Unless you're just blowing smoke up my...well, you wouldn't do that, right?)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of red currents either. We had a bush growing up and it was my least favourite fruit to pick! I always volunteered to pick the cherries, raspberries or strawberries.... then I could pick AND eat! :-)

They sure are pretty though, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!

I love your blog!

Red currants are funny..i was never into them either, but like you said, they are really pretty and its a shame they're so weird tasting.

but i gave them a shot again when i was at work..i found red currant puree and made red current meringue tart. I figured the tartness might be more tolerable with some meringue. It was really nice!

check out my blog

the recipe is not posted, but id be happy to send it to you if you feel up to giving currants another go..