Saturday, March 8, 2008

So Why Don't You Slide?

These days, things seem to be shrinking-MP3 players, cell phones & cameras and even cars are being made small. It shouldn't surprise you then, to see this shrinkage spilling into menus. "Sliders" or mini-burgers are popping up in restaurants and pubs across the country. These tiny versions of America's favorite sandwich come in many varieties and seem to be all the rage.

Sliders are great for parties and late night munchies but that's not why you like them. When asked what the appeal was the number one reason was: "They're cute".

Yes they are.

But do they fill you up? Are you more adventurous with your toppings on these mini meats? Would you rather have just one papa burger instead of three baby burgers?

Kimberly P. of Chelmsford, MA says that if given the option she would choose three smaller burgers. "Then, when I can't finish my meal, I have a whole burger or two to take home instead of a half one that will inevitably fall apart by the time I get home. Plus, you only have to put condiments on one burger at a time. The other ones aren't getting soggy in the meantime."

Of the 30 people polled, only 7 people liked the slider-sure there were a few people who stated that they would pop a few of these bad boys into their mouths during happy hour but overall, you'd rather have one large burger over it's miniature version. The major reason is that sliders do not fill you up. Most of you stated that you love a thick, juicy burger and sliders just don't cut it. As for toppings, you are not likely mingle with the exotic-although 3 of you would walk on the wild side with turkey, buffalo or lamb on a slider.

So Boston, why are they so popular? How is it that you can walk into almost any pub and find these on the menu? How are sliders overcoming the inferiority complex and outlasting the opposition?

And please don't tell me it's because they're cute.


crazy working mom said...

I agree with Kimberly. Sliders are great. I love 'em.

Great post.

moletalk said...

Ooh! I looooove sliders! I always get them at the cinemas whenever the film will be shown right around dinner time. Easy to hold and easy to eat. And I totally agree with Kimberly about them not getting soggy and them being great for sharing.

Mo said...

I'd much rather have ONE big burger, thanks. Unless we're talking White Castles after 2am.

Rae said...

I grew up eating White Castles and have always loved tiny burgers, but now everyone and their brother are putting them on their menu.

I usually prefer a regular size burger, but every once in awhile I'll order sliders especially if I'm not feeling that hungry.

Asara Dragoness said...

I love sliders, but really only from White Castle. It seems to me that the big restaurants are seeing that sometimes, well, people just want a bunch of tiny burgers. So they're trying to diversify their menu to pull in the people who would probably have just gone to White Castle.

Personally.. I hate when restaurants do this. You can get pizza at SUBway, for crying out loud! Pizza places are now serving chicken, subs, brownies.. sigh. It's like they're all trying to steal business away from each other, in the name of "convenience". No thanks! :)