Tuesday, May 13, 2008

(Un)Cool Gadgets: The Love Maine Lobster Claw Game

There are some things that should just never should have been invented...The Love Maine Lobster Claw Game is one of them. Yes, it's just like the claw game you remember in bowling alleys and Caldor stores across America-except this game plays with real live lobsters and is generally in restaurants and convenience stores. (What?!!)

For $1 customers get 30 seconds to try to snag their lobster from the tank. If they succeed, they get to keep the lobster. If not, well, then they lose a dollar.

The company who makes these machines claim that they are harmless to the lobsters and even have a disclaimer about the water filtration system:

"The Claw Game is entirely made of acrylic and is easy to clean and maintain. uses the same hi-tech filtration and water conditioning system that are used in our commercial lobster tanks, ensuring that the lobsters stay healthy and fresh.In the event of a power failure, our proprietary system allows the water in the lobster holding area to drain into the base below. This prevents the lobsters from being in un-oxygenated water for extended periods, which can adversely effect their health. Once the power is restored the tank automatically refills and the chiller comes back on to it's preset temperature."

Uh...ok. That's great. But what about the big CLAW that keeps trying to GRAB live lobsters?!?

I am sorry-but how are animal activists not protesting this?

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