Monday, April 28, 2008

The Vidalia Slicer

One of the frustrations of being a trained chef without a lot of money or a second income to help feed my addiction to good quality kitchen stuffage is that I know what the professional equipment does but don't have access to it at home. Because I'm broke.

One of the gadgets that has been on my wish list for a while is a professional mandolin. These heavy duty tools are quite expensive and so far, I haven't had anyone volunteer to be the gift giver on that one. Every time I start to break down and convince myself that I should splurge something more important comes up and I am unable to make the purchase.

Enter the Vidalia Slicer. Yes. The Vidalia Slicer-the one that annoying Billy Mays guy screams about on TV. A couple of months ago I was hired to cater a business lunch and wanted to serve fresh potato straws. I did not, however, want to cut them by hand and knew that the only other option would be to use a mandolin. Just as I was turning off the tv to go to the store, the commercial came on for this plastic version of what I really needed. It was, of course, significantly cheaper than the real deal and quite frankly, it looked good enough to try.

I have to tell you-for the home cook, this is a fantastic buy. The blades are sharp (though I question for how long) and the cuts are precise. It takes very little effort to cut harder vegetables and even has a handy slip guard with prongs in it to grip the food. Mine came with several blades for a variety of cuts.

In short-I highly recommend this as seen on tv item if you can't yet afford a real mandolin. The Vidalia Slicer is sold in places such as Target and Walmart, and also online-just Google it.

Does anyone else have it? If so, are you happy too?


Mo said...

Well, Billy Mays brought us OxiClean too... and I swear by that, so I'd be willing to give it a shot. Anything that can make dicing onions easier is a treasure in my book!

Danielle A. said...

Oh man... Billy Mays is EVERYWHERE....

Danielle A. said...
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Crazy Working Mom said...

They tried this out on the early news this morning and said it was worth the buy! I'm gonna have to get me one. I SUCK at slicing, especially onions and tomatoes. Thanks for the mention. I need to add it to my "to do" list so I don't forget it.