Friday, March 14, 2008

Poachincg Pods

My, don't you look perky!

Anyone who's tried going "free style" when poaching an egg knows what I mean when I say that it's horrible.

Is the water the right temperature?

Do I have the "perfect swirl"?

Did I put in the right amount of vinegar? (Do you even KNOW you should use vinegar?)

It's almost tiring having to worry about all of these things just to make a couple of eggs. But poached eggs are fantastic and yes, they will probably taste good even in their frantic and disheveled free style way. But isn't food better when it looks pretty?

Introducing Poach Pods-silicone containers that shape and hold your eggs while they simmer away in water. Not only are they pretty (I'm a sucker for almost anything green) but they are easy to remove from the pan and help you make perfect eggs every time.

Poaching Pods are dishwasher safe, and available in many online stores across the web. But I like Sur La Table, and so that is who I think you should by them from.

Need a little nudge?

I think I just lost my breakfast...


Kai said...

Those are the neatest little things! I've never seen them before - very cool idea!

Mo said...

They look just like those reusable menstrual cups!


Danielle A. said...

LOL @ Mo! Awesome.